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About The Artist

Ron Ostlund Jr. is a scrap metal artist in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ron has a complete line of production-type jewelry but also specializing in one-of-a-kind unique home décor pieces and custom metal couture. His work has been locally and nationally recognized. Locally, his work can be seen in downtown fine dining at Tolan– he hand-crafted the dining tables. Nationally, his couture pieces have been featured in major national publications and even walked Miami Fashion Week.

Ron’s talent and hand-crafted skill started at a young age. Growing up in poverty, Ron would often find creative ways, through deconstructing and re-purposing, to turn old toys into something “new.”

When Ron was in his early twenties he had taken parts for old bicycles and made a clock. While showing his creation to some friends at iHop a stranger noticed the clock and asked how much Ron would want to sell it for. Ron said fifty bucks and the guy haggled him to forty. That was the moment Ron began his dream of actually turning his work into a business.

Today, Ron is a single father of two young boys and is often forced to put his creative works on sideline, taking on low-paying labor jobs, to make ends meet. By partnering with creator&co, Ron hopes to soon turn his creative works into a sustainable income and ultimately, open a boutique to host all of his vast offerings in repurposed scrap metal art.


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